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    I'm finally giving up my 5 year old Treo 680 to move to Pre Plus this weekend. I have 7 years of history (calendar, contacts, memos) on Treo to transfer to Pre Plus. However my Treo no longer syncs with my computer using the cable provided - I think the contact points are faulty and seriously worn after the cover fell off. Is there a bluetooth method to hotsync the old data and transfer it to Pre Plus? thanks so much for your ideas
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    the treo 680 is able to sync through bluetooth to your pc, provided your pc is bluetooth enabled... but for the pre, it doesnt have the BT sync although its still possible for you to transfer the data from the pc to the pre using the DTA (using the usb cable for the pre).
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    are you planning to continue to 'hotsync' your pre with your pc, or will you sync with yahoo/google/etc?

    what desktop app do you sync with.

    also, I recommend that you avoid the DTA because it puts your contacts into your palm profile which can't be accessed from your pc.
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    Also, the Data Transfer Assistant is very buggy, especially for large amounts of data. I eventually went with a third-party solution (Missing Sync), which takes over an hour to do the initial sync, then breaks within a month. Sigh.

    Contacts work ok, but calendar entrees are the hard issue, and no native memo transfer solution.
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    I guess we will have to wait for the OP to return...

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