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    I apologize if this has been posted previously, but today my POP email quit working sometime after lunch. I'm no longer able to receive messages. I can send them out, though. When I hit the refresh it just spins and then stops. I have the yellow triangle at the top that states Next update in 0 minutes. But, that's it. This email account is tied to my Outlook from work. I check my emails when I arrived home this evening and noticed an email from my boss asking if I received it. That's when I noticed a problem. Any ideas without having to delete the account? Many thanks in advance!
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    Nah, usually removing and re adding the account fixes the problem.
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    Thanks! I guess I'll give it a try. I just have so many emails on there, that it takes a day or so to delete.
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    Maybe try changing the password to a bad password, and try to sync. Then change it back to the good password.
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    Or your ISP was down or having trouble with there email servers!

    It's happened to me. I usually wait await and reboot my phone before changing all the settings.

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    Thank you both! Update: I tried adding my work email account back and still had trouble. I called our IT guy and he said he had worked on the server to tighten up our firewall. And it threw everybody's Blackberry's off, too. He's letting me know when everything's back up and running.
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    Back up and running?

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