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    I've been away from WebOS for a while, but with the rumor of the new device hitting I'm going to definitely pay attention to whats coming out. Hopefully a 4G device, but not crossing any fingers.

    Anyways, my actual question is about the Facebook contacts integration. Has Palm improved the experience in the contacts application? I think it is useless to sync my entire facebook friends list to my phone, I only want it to sync contact information with contacts I already have in my phonebook. Is this possible or will it be with WebOS 2.0? Alternatively, is it possible with a 3rd party app? Or is it possible to create an app which would load at least the profile picture into your contact information for them?
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    Synergy is open to developers in webOS 2.0 so in theory this should be possible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickDG View Post
    Synergy is open to developers in webOS 2.0 so in theory this should be possible.
    Great lol in theory... If only I knew how to program... This is really the only drawback for me for WebOS, but who really wants 200 Facebook contacts they never talk to on their phone? Just makes finding people you do want to call harder.
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    I thought of an alternative, is it possible to sync one facebook account with your contacts and then sign out of the facebook app and keep those contacts sync'd? If you can do that then you could sign back in with your normal account after syncing a dummy account with contacts you want. Only problem is everytime you add someone you would probably have to re-sync manually? Can anyone test this for me?

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