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    Anyone having issues? All of a sudden, my Gmail contacts are gone. I removed the gmail account, added it again, restarted, tried everything I could think of.

    I added my Yahoo account, and that worked fine, and then deleted it, and I'm still stuck with all 6 of my "Palm Profile" contacts.

    Help PLEASE!!!
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    How are they filed in Gmail? For some reason, it's not syncing any contacts that are just under the 'All Contacts'.

    Have you also tried making it your default contact account?
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    I haven't changed anything from Google... used to synch just fine until I had to reinstall WebOS. All my contacts show up under "My Contacts" (I don't think the "All Contacts" category exists anymore).

    Yes, I've tried all manner of default account, thanks.

    This is completely stumping me!
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    No, there's still some multi-category. That's how I keep ones from syncing to my phone that I don't want in here.

    I'm confused, too!
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    Try removing Google calender, contacts, then email. Reboot, then reinstall Google account.
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    Not sure really, have had the problem since 1.4.5 update, but did notice till recent.

    Either way, Gmail and Google Apps are both affected and I also notice Gmail and Google Apps service now popping up Security Certificate authorizations on desktop clients like Thunderbird, so maybe the certs are now failing on our Pre's and contacts are nolonger syncing.

    Plan to try firemandave suggestion, but all of my accounts are hosted by Google and this will take a while. Sorli...
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    I experienced this issue for those contacts that i don't put in My Contacts group. Once I add back to that group, it syncs back to my phone.
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    Besides having issues w/ the calendars not syncing properly between my Pre+ on 2.1 and google the situation recently became even stranger (frankly, a pain in the a..). As you can see in the screenies, my contacts obviously get pulled from google, but none of them is being displayed in the contacts app even though the prefs are set. Just those from other sources. All contacts are in "my contacts" at google, deleted and added the google-account on my Pre again etc. etc. Nothing`s changed. Btw, Im not using any contacts patch.

    Is anyone experiencing similar problems?
    Thx. T.
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    Even though I was not using a single contacts patch running the EPR solved the issue for me. Reinstalled all the patches afterwards again and contacts app is still working as it should.

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