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    I developed an issue with one of my email accounts yesterday. This is a POP account and is set to display emails for the last two weeks. However, it stopped displaying all the emails for the time period. It will display anywhere from none to 6 emails even thoguh I may have 20 new emails.

    I have doctored and removed the account and added it back in to no avail. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    I deleted all my email from that account and archived stuff I needed to keep. So I basically started with a fresh account. Then I deleted the account on my phone and added it back in after a restart. After all that, the account will still only display 5 emails. Any ideas?
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    there has to be a problematic email in my account. It doesn't show up on my Mac or on my phone even though my phone says I have an unread email. Guess I'll just hang on for few days since everything works until I sync three days worth of emails.

    thanks for the suggestion though RUSH.
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    That is what it sounds like. Check your junk email I was helping the developer of email companion test out that app and we kept running into problems. Seems my junk email had an email from the future and that was causing the issues.
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    I've also had it happen with yahoo emails, seems they become corrupt easily, for some reason.
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    I got it fixed! Turns out my ISP filters junk that doesn't get put in the junk file in my mail program. I had to go into the web access for my email and delete the junk mail from there. Unfortunately I inadvertently deleted an email informing I won a European lottery.
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    aww lol at missing out on the lottery.
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    that's ok, I got an email just a few minutes later from a lawyer in Africa and I'm gonna make a killing by just letting him use my bank account to transfer money!

    how do people fall for these scams? I got one from an Asian lawyer saying his client had the same last name as me. Riiiigggghhhhtttt.
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    I think there's a problem with the latest webOS. The email app eventually stops finding emails. My email is dead again, after already deleting and re-adding my gmail account.

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