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    My company uses GroupWise and I've been working with their active sync product through the beta testing phase. This past week they officially released the product but I'm still having an issue with emailing that they claim is a part of the email client on the Pre.

    The GroupWise sync engine mimics being an Exchange active sync server, so for all purposes of this discussion we can assume Exchange on the server side.

    Whenever I send or reply to an email I get a copy of the message that I am sending in my inbox. The claim is that there is a "Always Send to Myself" type of setting in the Pre email client, but I've been through everything and either its not there or I keep missing it. Does anyone know if there is any validity to the claim or if it is just a run around? If there is an option, where is it? Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdini View Post
    ...The claim is that there is a "Always Send to Myself" type of setting in the Pre email client...
    That claim is untrue. No such setting exists.

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    Could it be that the Groupwise server isn't handling Draft and Sent folders correctly, so is dumping your sent messages into Inbox instead ? Failing that - is there a setting in Groupwise which might be doing it instead ?

    I can't find any settings which would always include the sender on my Pre under POP3, IMAP or EAS accounts (I use all 3 and have never encountered the problem you describe).
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    It is appearing in my Sent folder correctly. It looks like someone in the novell support forums is saying that it is a known issue and will be fixed in the next groupwise service pack.

    Other than the Pre issue if anyone out there uses GroupWise the sync engine works pretty good, not great, but it gets the job done. It syncs everyone under the sun except for blackberries.
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    We have the same problem where I work. We are using the official release version of GWsync. iPhone and android devices work fine. However with WebOS devices, users get duplicate messages when they send or reply to an email message from their phone.

    Do you have the information from Novell's site that talks about this issue? I can't seem to find it, but I will keep looking.

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