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    Hi all,

    Long time lurker (well, the 3 months since I got my pre!), one of my first few posts. Anyway, the number I have on my SIM for my sister is correct, while the number on her facebook profile isn't. I asked her to update her facebook number, which she did, but despite re-syncing my facebook contacts, the number remains incorrect (starting with 447 instead of 07). I can't seem to delete or edit this facebook number, and if I set the SIM to the primary profile for that contact, it still insists on phoning the 44 number, which doesn't work. So far the only workaround seems to be unlinking the profile. Has anyone got a better idea? Thanks

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    Yeah this is really annoying, we need a patch or something to add a '+' in front of the sync number. Also why does it always default to the facebook number?

    Any takers?

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