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    Why the hell does synergy make it impossible to remove IM contacts? I have removed ALL of my IM contacts from my various accounts, and they will not go away on my pre. They appear to be attached to the palm profile, since I've already removed all other contact accounts.

    I've even removed my main contact account (google), as well as removed all contacts from it and re-syncing. The phantom IM accounts are all still there, despite not being actively set up on any of my various accounts (aim, gtalk, yahoo).

    Help? sql for direct removal from the phone's shell is fine.

    I hope palm addresses this. It's one of the most frustrating things about synergy's implementation.
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    you have to remove the im account is 3 different apps. Photos, calendar, and contacts. Then you won't see them anymore.
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    Yeah, I got 'em out. Can't add them in again, though, or the same thing will happen. Grrr.

    On a somewhat related note, I really wish that synergy allowed standard LDAP for contacts, and ical for calendaring. Then I could host my own "cloud". I hate google.
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