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    I have been using this program called sync toy (2.1) that allows me to back up my DCIM folder in my pre to my computer.

    it allows me to sync folders and subfolders between my pre and my computer in one go. So when I have new pix taken with my pre it uploads it to my computer, or when I want certain pix to be in my pre I put them in one folder (photos) then name a subfolder which will come up as an album name in the photo app of the pre.

    this is also how I back up my save and restore folders too among other things.

    now there is a problem that I just became aware of. When I delete pictures on my pre, I have set tha behavior of the "sync" in such a way that it will not delete pix on my computer, but I found out that the pre names the pictures in numerical order and once you delete picture 101, it will make another picture 101 when you take a new shot.

    is there a way around this? I might not be aware that some of my pix are being overwritten already.


    NOTE: I have tried wifi media sync but it will not alow me to sync multiple files with subfolders. And that annoys me.
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    There is a patch called "Improved Photo Naming Pre" that causes the phone to save the picture name according to date/time in the Pre_YYYY-MM-DD-hhmmss.jpg name format. That should always be different, so it should solve your problem.
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    will this be helpful with videos as well?
    My flickr Pictures taken by the Pre (pre plus and pre3)

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