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    Please sticky, everything needed for AKO imap is in this post.

    1) Extract all the certs from "" to the root of your palm device.
    2) Go to the certificates window.. (From device info > Preferences > Certificate Manager)
    3) Use the + button to load each certificate (+, select cert, "trust certificate")
    4) do step 3 for every certificate from this zip

    Now you should have all the certs needed. set up your email client (imap) as shown in attached images 'imap-in.png' and 'imap-out.png'
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    Yep --- this should be the only AKO thread ---- recommend deleting ALL others.

    Only thing I would add: For those that have tried to load, remove ALL certificates before loading the ones in the ZIP file above.

    FLEA's post had me going on the first try!

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