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    On my Live account I have a calendar with several different calendars on it. But the palm only shows my main one and can only create new events on the main one. I've seen palm allows google accounts to show multiple calendars from one account. Any ideas on live accounts getting this feature?
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    Hmmm, I would like this too work also.
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    Not for your Live account. A clarification, however - Google’s EAS permits only the main calendar. I have and use a Pre Plus and an iOS device, I get the main calendar over EAS on my Pre+ and up to 25 on my iPhone on the same account. I get all of my calendars on my Pre+ only via the Gmail account settings - Google does not fully implement MS EAS.

    I’d read Live will have the same main calendar over EAS “restriction" for devices other than the iPhone - even WM7.

    It’s not you or WebOS. For connectivity, the iOS calendar connectivity blows away other mobile platforms. For EAS, you’re generally stuck with the main calendar until Live and WebOS implement some form of compatibility with CalDAV.
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    Yay my tenth post!

    With both google and microsoft hotmail (live, exchange, etc.) you can have multiple calendars. You can create a calendar for each purpose, such as "birthdays" and "meetings". These multiple calendars are shown as one "calendar" on your main view screen.
    Through google you can show all your calendars, but through hotmail syncing you can only show your main calendar, as far as I've found.

    Looking around it appears the problem is with how they have hotmail calendars set up. When I sync my google calendars you can see the same heading in the phone as the calendar is titled on the computer. With the microsoft calendars the heading is "hotmail" even though the title of the calendar is "Nicholas's Calendar". So hotmail must resolve your main calendar events into another medium to be synced.
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    try and see if there is an app in the app store for google calander maybe??
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    Does anyone know if webOS 2.0 allows you to have multiple calendars through an exchange account--or basically any new revelations on how to do it? I'm mostly looking to do it with Google.
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    I found a round-about way of fixing the multiple calendars issue with Google set up as EAS:

    1. Create a new email account that is set up as a regular Gmail account, but change your email address to
    2. Either change the settings to manual sync so you don't get double emails or just delete the new email account. The calendar account will remain.
    3. Delete the new contacts account so you don't get double contacts.
    4. Delete the GoogleTalk account in messaging if it is doubled.
    5. Go to the calendar settings, and turn off the primary calendar on your new account (it is already present through the exchange account).

    By changing the email address to, you trick your phone into thinking that the account doesn't exist already.
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    I just found the post here. I raised the same/similar question (see:

    Are there any patches available so that multiple calendars from google can be viewed (using EAS). Currently I have added my gmail calendar account using EAS and the normal google account setting (as shown above). However, I had some sync issues with the subscribed calendars (which I do not have on my iPhone). So it would be great to just use the EAS setting.

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