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    Synergy has linked hundreds (400+) contacts to one profile. I spent hours two days ago unlinking all the profiles. Two days later, they're back again. This seems to happen every 4 months or so. It's driving me insane and there is no apparent line between all of the contacts.

    My kingdom for a way to log into this online to quickly clean this up. It takes hours and hours to do it on the phone, one contact at a time. I'm about ready to flush this phone down the toilet!

    Someone please tell me how to fix this! Please! I'm about to go all "postal" on someone!


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    i would delete all of the accounts from your phone (also delete them in contacts, calendar, and photos) and then carefully add each account back one at a time, over many weeks.

    I'm sure you will find that one of those cloud services is causing a problem.
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    A couple of semi-related thoughts / suggestions if you choose to clear our your contacts on-device and want to re-add:

    -GMail: If you log into GMail (website) and go to contacts, you can export all to a CSV file. Once you blow-away all contacts on-device & on your GMail account, you should be able to upload your contacts (with the same CSV file). Synergy should see these as new contacts (hopefully) and send them along to your phone. To be safe, I would do a few force sync runs when both the phone & GMail are clear to make sure you don't get any odd timing issues.

    -Chapura: If you have Chapura or another Outlook sync setup, you can have the Pre clear local data and download a full new set on the next sync.

    -Exchange ActiveSync: I'm not using this myself (why I have Chapura), but, you should be able to delete / re-add.

    ** Caution: I don't know what happens if you delete your default account from the phone (the same one that maps to your Palm profile). I've avoided doing this to be safe -- if you need to do that, you might want to ask around in the forum to be safe.

    Good luck
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    @cmahy makes an excellent point. Companionlink has a 7 day free trial that will let you sync to outlook, palm desktop, Act!, and many other PC desktop PIMs. Pocket Mirror also does that, but it is limited to Outlook. But, a desktop PIM iss a great place to consolidate, organize, and edit your contacts. Then you can upload them to gmail (the new evil empire), hotmail (now with EAS support), yahoo, or whatever.

    @cmahy is right that sometimes the best thing is to start with a clean canvas. So you should take advantage of exporting to CSV or a desktop PIM as a safe backup before you wipe those slates clean.

    The only synergy issues I've had are with Facebook, by the way. so I recommend that to be the very last account you add back to your phone after you are sure the gremlins haven't come back. Also, I strongly recommend that you DON'T keep any contacts in your Palm profile because you can't really get access to them except through synergy.

    Let us know how that goes!

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