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    for contacts who I have never had a photo for, I get the full width of the messaging app for the conversation. People who I have photos for, each of their lines has their picture on the right.

    I have a contact who I used to have a photo for, but I removed that photo. Now, I still waste the space for what would be their photo, but it is the palm generic blank photo icon.

    How do I fix this so that this contact really has no photo like the rest of my contacts?
    I've tried using another picture, syncing (it's a google contact), removing the image, resyncing, etc. Nothing is working.
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    Contacts with no picture have always had the blank Palm picture in Messaging, to my knowledge.
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    Hrm. Yeah, I guess you are right. I don't remember it always being that way though. Guess I'm just going insane. Please disregard this thread :-)
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    You have been disregarded

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