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    When I purchased my palm pre, I already had all my contacts on gmail. So naturally I entered my gmail account and it downloaded all of my contacts. This is great. However. I would also like to have all of these contacts and there information copied on to my palm profile.

    I have tried several things, such as making the palm profile the defualt account and then doing a manuel sync. I have tried to take each individual contact and then link it, but there isn't an option to add it to the palm profile.

    It isn't terribly important that I transfer them all to the palm profile, but it is something I would like to do. Basically, have it act as a secondary backup, to gmail, along with my save/restore archives as well. (btw save/restore is an excellent app. Love it!)

    Thank you for any future replies.

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    Might I suggest not doing that? When you make changes to your G-mail contacts your going to have strange things happen given the differences between those and your Palm Profile contacts (assuming they are linked....and if they aren't linked then your going to have double entries).

    If you want to backup your g-mail contacts I suggest doing an export to CSV text file.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I will refrain from doing that.

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    yes ryleyinstl is correct. Webos only updates the default profile, thus if you add new contacts and your default profile is google, then over time your palm profile will get out of date. However if you still want to transfer your existing contacts from google to palm profile you can by using the palm data transfer tool:

    Palm - Empower your Calendar and Contacts by moving them to the web

    All you have to do is sync your google contacts to outlook etc and then use the transfer tool to import those contacts to the palm profile. This will transfer your contacts "one time" to the palm profile, but as stated above will not sync if the default profile is google.

    IMO, one of the weakness of synergy is that it does not offer the ability to sync contacts and calendar across various profiles. For example I would like to sync my google and yahoo contacts/calendar, not just link them. I use both services for different purposes and would like an easy way to keep them both sync'd. I've posted in other threads about trying find a way do this and once suggestion was a service called The service works but it kinda buggy...
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    If you have not much contacts then you can send them one by one to your email, and then import them one by one to your palm profile easily.

    if you have alot of contacts then install a patch from Preware called ' send all via email ' .. This will let you export your contacts all in one to your email.
    then yu can import them to any desktop client like Palm Desktop for Palm OS or Outlook. Then there is a tool by palm on their website that enable you to sync your Palm Desktop or Outlook contacts to your palm Profile easily and quickly. And then your done.

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