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    hello,i recently got on verizon and get another palm pixi,i had it with sprint before. i have tried numerous times to sync my yahoo email account,but it keeps sayin invalid token...ive seen many people complain about this...please help me out,thanx!
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    I did a quick search for "Invalid Security Token" and found a bunch of stuff. Selected results below:

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    I had the same issue, on the same phone. So here's what i did. I created a Gmail account with the same name and logged into my yahoo mail online. Then, i clicked mail settings under options and forwarded my email from my yahoo account to my gmail account. Gmail comes up 10x faster on my phone over wifi or 3g than yahoo ever did, if it did!
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    i just had this "invalid security token" msg in my yahoo mail. To resolve it, all I did was open up a website in a new card (ie. Google) and did some browsing. Then went back to yahoo mail - and everything was ok

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