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    I created a couple new labels in gmail and they are not showing up on my Pre+. I am using Imap and everything else is syncing fine.
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    Have you opend the gmail section by clicking on the triangle? They should show up under the google mail section.
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    I have 9 custom folders that sync to labels on my desktop gmail. I added 2 more labels on my desktop that have not shown up on my Pre+. I added 1 almost a week ago.
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    trying to get a screen shot of my labels. I have added several but they are hidden by default. I have to go to my gmail account and click the triangle that is facing sideways to make it an inverted triangle. I then scroll down in my gmail account past the trash folder and all my folders/labels are there.

    The Bob Proctor, Business other folders are all labels.
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    It's odd. They just showed up. I don't know if it was a gmail problem or Pre+ problem, but they shouldn't take a week to show up. Thanks.

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