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    So...I opened my messenging on my Pixi and added my yahoo messenger account to my Pixi. After playing with that for a while I went to my contact and noticed it put my yahoo messenger contacts in my actual contacts list too. I did not like that one bit so I tried to erase them, well you can't do, I deleted my yahoo messenger account from my messenging and then went into my contacts, went to preferences and accounts and deleted yahoo messenger form there too. Here is my problem, my phone keeps syncing yahoo messenger. Do I need to delete yahoo messenger from some where else on my Pixi cause I don't want it to keep syncing since I deleted it. I'd keep it on my phone if it didn't add all my yahoo contacts to my contacts on my phone under contacts, if you understand that. How do I fix this?
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    Ha! Ok so I was is still syncing and it is driving me nutz! How in the world do I make it stop???? I've erased it from email, messaging and the phone, I'm just not getting it at all!
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    So, I thought deleting yahoo from messaging, mail and phone would solve my problem...NOPE! I've turned my data off so it will stop syncing but as soon as I turn it back goes to syncing yahoo again...grrr. Any way to make it stop?
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    Hey Bella, be sure to check your calendar accounts on the Pre also. Whenever you add a Yahoo account (even if it's just an IM account) it will add that to all of your device services - messaging, email, calendar, contacts. Delete that particular account from all the other services (excluding Messaging) and it should stop syncing.
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    thanks so much Hello. I had not idea about calendar.i looked everywhere I thout lol. Much thanks
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