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    First, I have my Pre set up to sync with my regular Google account and as long as I set the reminder with Google Calendar to "Pop-up" the Pre is actually syncing any type of reminder I enter using the Google Calendar web interface just fine (it displays any type of reminder alarm time as minutes instead of hours, days or even weeks .. but that's alright). Any other reminder type (email/SMS) is getting swallowed or thrown out.

    Now here's where it's getting interesting: When changing the reminder time on the very same event I created using Google Calendar to some arbitrary time on the Pre (e.g. "15 Minutes") the reminder is going to stay that way on the Pre, however, once the reminder is synced back to Google Calendar it is gone completely (in the Google Calendar interface). At least that's what the interface is telling me. Google Calendar still displays the casual bell sign next to the event, which means it knows there is some type of reminder set, but it's probably unable to display the time reminder associated with said event.

    So the Pre either changes the reminder state in some way Google Calendar is not able to recognize or completely overwrites the reminder alarm with it's own unrecognizable alarm time scheme.

    Secondly, whenever I create an event on the Pre I can set whatever reminder I want .. the settings never make it to either Google Calendar or iCal. And there is no bell sign next to the event title in the Google Calendar interface (like I described with the first issue before) either. The reminder gets lost completely except for on my Pre!.

    I really don't know where exactly the setup is going south but I tested this thoroughly today and I think I hit a bug in the calendar application. Is anyone else having the same issue or able to reproduce it?
    Any hints on solving my problem?

    Steps to reproduce (first issue):
    1. Add event in Google Calendar
    2. Assign Pop-Up reminder with (any) time
    3. Let the Pre sync with Google Calendar
    4. Change the reminder time on the Pre to something different (e.g. "15 Minutes"; even changing "15 Minutes" from Google Calendar to "15 Minutes" on the Pre is having the exact same effect)
    5. Let the Pre sync with Google Calendar
    6. The reminder is gone on Google Calendar

    Desired effect: The reminder should be changed on Google Calendar

    Steps to reproduce (second issue):
    1. Add event on the Pre
    2. Assign a reminder to it with any given time (e.g. "15 Minutes")
    3. Let the Pre sync with Google Calendar
    4. The event is synced but without any reminder at all

    Desired effect: The reminder should be synced to/appear on Google Calendar

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated because otherwise I will have to return my Pre (and I really don't want to! ). Thank you!
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    Yes, in Google Calendar web, change your default notification type to be popup.
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    Alright, that did indeed fix issue #2. Is there a FAQ entry/troubleshooting advise for this somewhere? If not there ought to be.

    However, the first issue is still in effect in a different way:
    Right now, the reminder I set within the Pre supersedes anything I do within Google Calendar. When I change a reminder's time within Google Calendar it does not sync/migrate to the Pre. The Pre holds on to whatever reminder time I set in Google Calendar in the first place or takes the time on the reminder I changed using the Pre.

    In short:

    Pre event + reminder created -> syncs to Gcal
    Pre reminder time changed -> syncs to Gcal
    Gcal event + reminder created -> syncs to Pre just fine
    Gcal reminder time changed -> does not sync to Pre

    Also, if I change the reminder time on the Pre after I changed it in Google Calendar it doesn't get propagated anymore so the chain

    Reminder changed on Pre (Pre -> Gcal)

    is broken afterwards.

    Got an idea for that one as well?

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    Since I always have my phone, I avoid the whole problem (which for me is no problem) by setting on reminders on my phone. My phone reminds me, not google. But then I am rarely in front of a computer. If I was on a computer all day I would still have the phone right there, so it still wouldn't be an issue. I did run into this issue and this is how I solved it. I do prefer editing and creating my records on the desktop, but I set the reminders from my phone. A minor nuisance but I am used to it now. I didn't care for any of the desktop options, so I stopped using it.

    Having the exact options (for reminders) in google desktop (as I have in the phone calendar) would be nice, but I get by without it. Syncing my contacts within calendar (and better yet, vice versa) in the phone would be much better.
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    The problem with your solution, Ferenczy, is that the Pre does not allow multiple reminders to be set for a single event. For example, I have my GCal remind me at 1 hr, 45 mins, 30 mins, etc. I need this functionality for personal reasons.

    Is there a way to set multiple reminders per event in the Pre Calendar application? e.g. a patch or some such thing?
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    I don't care if google calendar reminds me (I actually prefer that it DOESN'T), but when I have a reminder set on the phone, I'm getting quite annoyed at google sync removing it.

    What's the fix in this situation?
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    Here is my situation with the calender.

    My wife and I share our calenders together, I normally input all the events in my Pre, Then it will sync down to her phone, but it does not sync down the reminder to her phone, so she misses things all the time.

    need a fix, ASAP.
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    Refer to my post above regarding changing the default reminder to popup.
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    Thank, I guess this is the best we can do until I'm guessing Google fixes the problem.

    Would be nice if i set it for an hour in advance both our pre's would go off now mine will remind me an hour ahead and her will remind her 15 minutes.
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    Hmm, so you're saying with the popup on google web set to default 15 minutes, if you create a calendar event on your phone with a 1 hour reminder, the event will be created on your wifes calendar with a 15 minute reminder, and vice versa if she creates it?
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    So I have had very similar problems with my Google Account. My solution was to just switch to Hotmail's calendar and use its exchange active sync. Google always seems to have really random and weird reminder problems. You can easily export your Google Calendar and import it into your Hotmail Calendar. You can also subscribe to Google Calendars in Hotmail Calendars and vise-versa, in which updating your Google Calendar would in theory update your Hotmail Calendar and vise-versa.
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    I have a related problem:

    I imported my favorite hockey team's schedule into Google Calendar, and the games had no reminder set.

    I made the default reminder to be pop-up 1 hour before, and now all the games on my Google Calendar (on my desktop) have alarm clocks by them, but the events on my phone aren't showing that they are set to remind me. Why is that?

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