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    this is sort of baffling:

    1) just got the Pre Plus to replace an old 680, and used the Palm Data Transfer Assistant to move everything.

    2) then I managed to set up Evolution (under Ubuntu) to link to my gmail account's calendar

    3) I *thought* I had set up the Pre to sync with the gmail account calendar... but although ALL the old 680's events were copied onto the Pre, they haven't been copied by gmail.

    4) on the other hand, ALL the other syncs seem to work -- that is, an event created in Evolution shows up in the Google calendar, one created in the Google Calendar shows up in Evolution. indeed, if I create a new event on the Pre, it will show up first on the Google calendar. BUT none of the old events from the 680 have been sync'd...
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    This is what I did:

    In your old palm organizer, select all of your contact, and then export them as a single vcard file (File, export as vcard)

    Log into your GMail account and import the contacts using that vcard file.

    Worked like a charm for me.
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