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    The calendar sync seems to act really weird. I'll explain what happens:

    1. I'll delete events from my online Google calendar.
    2. I'll do one to three manual calendar syncs on my Pre (Google calendar is associated to it) to make sure those deleted events are gone from the phone.
    3. I'll add new events to my Google calendar.
    4. I'll sync the Pre again.
    5. I will get the next appt. notification on my Pre (let's say 9am appt.) for the new 9am appt.
    6. But the old one at 9am that was there on the Pre, that I deleted from Google, made it sure it synced off of my Pre, pops up a reminder anyway.
    7. If I look at the calendar on the Pre, that old appt. is not there, but somehow a reminder popped up anyway.

    Thanks in advance
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    Sometimes I get double notifications too. Not sure what causes it, but it is annoying.

    Each time I've tried to get more information to troubleshoot, the problem seems to disappear before I can gather enough info, like it syncs up and fixes itself as part of my investigation.

    Oh well.

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