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    I added my AIM screen name to the messaging app and this was a HUGE mistake. Now I have all of my AIM contacts in the contact app, something I wanted to use as a phone book. I have over 200 contacts on AIM, and only 50 or so of the users actually sign in these days. Not to mention I don't even know all of them

    do I have to delete all of the contacts one by one now? is there another IM app?
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    There are a few IM apps in the App Catalog (IM+, Mundo, Agile). I don't use any of them personally, so I'm not sure if they add buddies to your contact list. My assumption is no.
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    If you don't want the contacts in your contacts app, you have to remove the AIM account. You can however link those screen names to names of people in your phone if all 200 are peoples phone numbers in your phone. I did that with my contacts so it's clean again. I don't know if any of the messengers communicate with an online server, or also add contacts into the contacts app. PM me if you need help, i don't visit this forum regularly, just kind of got bored and went looking around.
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    Has anyone heard of a solution/app/patch to resolve this? I would love to NOT have my AIM buddies show up in my contacts.
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    you can leave yr aim logged on in mesg app but just go to contact app and remove it there that's all,,u will be all set. In contact app go to drop down menu,preferences,add or delete account,and delete the aol,,this will not affect the mesg app.
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    thats a negative.... I do not have AIM set up under Contacts...only my Palm profile. When I run it under Messages, all the screen names are added to my contacts list. The only way to get rid of them is to remove AIM from Messaging

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