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    I noticed that while many of my Microsoft exchange folders such as my inbox, have unilmited storage, this is not the case with my "sent items" folder. This folder only holds approximately 200 of my most recent sent emails.

    Is there any way to rectify this with my Palm Pre or is it something that I need to talk to my company about (they run my exchange server).

    Thanks in advance
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    When logged into OWA and/or Outlook at work do you have more then 200 items in your sent folder?

    I suspect this is a phone thing. What is your sync threshold set to on your Pre for the Exchange account in question?
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    From the looks of it, Palm is saying that you can have 1000 per folder.

    Palm Support : Palm Pre Movistar (Spain) - Managing your email messages
    Note Your phone stores up to 1,000 messages in each email folder. When a folder reaches 1,000 emails and more come in, the oldest messages in that folder are purged (only from the phone). You still receive new messages, and the old messages remain on the account server. (For example, when email is purged from the Gmail inbox on your phone, you still see it when you log on to the Gmail website.) To see how many emails you have in a folder: Open the folder, tap the folder name at the top, and you see Total emails.
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    When I log onto outlook I have more than 1000 items in my sent items folder. From the looks of it, my Pre only seems to be saving sent emails from the last 3 weeks. Under the sync settings I have chosen "all" for email. This problem does not extend to my Gmail account, I have over 537 emails in that sent items folder.

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