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    Thankfully, Gmail lets us bring our own SMTP servers for those times when we want to use to send a message as, have it saved in Gmail, and have the outgoing message appear as being sent from (no "on behalf of" garbage because the mail is being routed through a third-party SMTP server).

    On the iPhone, there is a little trick to send messages through Gmail as another address.

    And I found this from a year ago here on the forum, but I'm hoping that there's a better workaround by now.

    Does anyone have any thoughts as to how we could use gmail accounts with multiple other accounts linked to them?
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    I was just about to post this question myself as I have the exact same issue that I'm trying to figure out. Like some people said many clients don't do that easily (desktop clients) so not sure if there will be a more elegant way of doing it.

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