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    One of my contacts in on my FB is synced in my gmail, but their FB profile is not showing up at all. On my fb on the computer they are listed under my friends, but on my pre they do not show up at all.

    when i deleted my fb contacts then resynced them, the google profile shows up but again, no FB profile. They are officially banned from any updates. which is weird.

    Any remedies?
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    I am having a similar problem. My wife no longer shows up on my Facebook app - even if I go in and search my friends she is not there, but using the browser to go to the mobile site, she shows up just fine. In the app, both the current release and the beta client, she doesn't show up anywhere, not even in my news feed. Her picture and facebook profile have disappeared from my phone contact list as well. Is this some sort of bug?
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    I'm having the same issue - i thought it was after i added an exchange account as i am only receiving a fraction of the mails in that account (could be related) but after re-adding the facebook account a couple of times i still only can see only about 1/2 of my contacts - is there some way you can flush the synergy service.
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    I am not sure if it is a bug.
    I went to the live chat on the palm blog, and well the guy had me do a partial erase, and after that did not work (if your phone is hacked, you will have to doctor your phone if you proceed to do this). I doctored my phone twice, and my missing link fb profile is still missing, I am thinking of making a new palm profile, and hopefully that should work. I will post if making a new palm profile might work, if maybe that is the problem, and syncing fb and google as a secondary. who knows it may work.


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