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    Hello loyal palm users!

    I have just upgraded my Treo 700p to a Palm Pre Plus. Can someone help me figure out the best way to set up all my data/emails to sync on my PC?

    For my Treo I was using the Palm Desktop software for Calendar, Contacts, Memos and Tasks. I was accessing my hotmail email through Outlook. I set up Outlook Connector to sync my email and Hotsync to sync the rest.

    How should I set this up for the Palm Pre? I'm already getting my hotmail email on my phone but it not synced. I have already ported the other data onto my phone but it is not synced either.

    I'm new to webOS so any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    if you are using Desktop 4.x, you should probably consider CompanionLink because it works with that version of desktop, and it also syncs with the widest variety of PIM clients.

    Here is a link that talks about continuing to use a traditional sync model:

    In terms of email, depending on what email you are using, you probably need to be using IMAP4 to get email on your phone...


    Since you are new, you won't be able to see that link, so here is is for cut and paste:
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    thanks so much for your link and detailed instructions. i wish i had seen it before i started the process. i'm not quite sure the best way to proceed....

    i am receiving emails fine both on my pre and in outlook, but deleted/read emails are not sync-ing back and forth so i must delete from both my PC and Pre.

    i have successfully migrated all of my calendar, contacts, tasks, memos onto my Pre (some from palm desktop software, some from outlook) , now i just want to push them back out to outlook so everything is in one place on my PC and i can then sync them back and forth. can i do this?

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