OK - this one might be tough to diagnose - unless I'm lucky enough to find that someone else has seen this. But some forum searching turned up nothing...

I have an Exchange (Default) calendar and a Google calendar on my Pre. The Google calendar is my wife's and this way I can see both our calendars side by side on the Pre.

Some time ago I found a way to assure that I wasn't getting reminder for her appointments. First problem is that I can't recall (or find) the way to do this. But however I did it, I was able to VIEW both calendars by default, but only got NOTIFICATIONS for my Exchange calendar.

Here's where it gets interesting. Last week she got an Android based phone. (Please, no flames, I tried to sell her on WebOS but lost. And this problem is reinforcing her case.) Ever since she starting accessing her Google calendar on the Android phone, I am getting her notifications on my Pre.

Any ideas how I can turn those off?