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    What is the best software to sync the Pre with Outlook, files, pics etc.?

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    Excellent discussion already available here...
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    I use the built in mail client to link to my work exchange, and it doesn't seem to have many problems. I have been thinking that the wireless sync would be cool, but yet to have a real problem simply cabling my phone to my computer and pulling what I want off the device. I guess that other "excellent discussion" is great, but I am really cheap didn't feel a strong desire to buy an app for that.
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    I LOVE gSyncit from It does a great job, and only $14.99... check it out!
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    If your Outlook is linked to an Exchange Server, you can just use the built-in Exchange Server connection feature in the Pre's email program. That may be all you need.

    If that's insufficient or if your Outlook isn't connected to an Exchange Server, then you would need to look into one of the 3rd-party programs like those mentioned above.

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    If you just need Outlook to Google there is O2G. It's just $9.99.

    Sync Outlook to Google, Gmail or Google Apps. Contacts, calendar and tasks | O2g Sync -
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    I have been using Pocket Mirror since it was first available on the Pre. It is excellent and now syncs Notes and Tasks plus the Contacts and Calendar in the original version. First rate software and excellent support.
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    is there a FREE way to do that?
    my outlook isnt connected to exchange

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