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    what is wrong with Yahoo's ability to sync the cslendar and email with my Sprint Palm Pre? The calendar issue has been on going since this new beta calendar was rolled out. The email issue is new for me. My imap yahoo mai doesn't even bother looking for new mail even though it is set to look every 5 minutes. I don't even get the yellow triangle of death any more.

    does anyone have any similar issue or solutions? Having to manually check for emails gets frustrating at times
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    Well here we are, lol.
    I feel like i've just been warped through space and time.
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    You were...through cyberspace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bevcraw View Post
    You were...through cyberspace.
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    ton of little info and more Yahoo bashing. Any concrete fixed for the email and calendar syncing issues?
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    I removed Yahoo contacts and things seem better (for now). Unfortunately, I don't have my Yahoo contacts on my phone anymore. What a big cluster...
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    UPDATE: back to not getting my emails like before without manually syncing yahoo...suycks!!
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    ever feel like you're talking to yourself?
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    the yahoo calender thing has not been fixed, and don't count on it changing.

    I would recommend using google calender, or outlook.

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