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    Hi, My Centro is getting bad reception where my company moved, and I do use it as a phone every once in a while... I may be forced to switch phones.

    Anyone use there phone as a PDA yet? Meaning for a Calendar, ToDo, Notes, and contacts. I like the good old Palm Desktop and have been using it for 10+ years, so I have a lot of data.

    This is my big issue with leaving Palm OS and going to another OS. I don't want to lose the simple Palm Desktop, it has been my organizer for the last 10+ years. Only thing I found out there for other OS was WebOS can still sync to the Palm Desktop with a 3rd party software.

    Can anyone comment on their experience doing this?
    Does WebOS have all four data holds (Calendar, ToDo, Notes, and contacts) build into the OS, or do you need 3rd party apps installed?

    There are many good data sync option with other OSs, IPhone and Android but they don't have a consolidated place for all four datas (Calendar, ToDo, Notes, and contacts). Google's web apps doesn't do them all.

    Any thoughts? Anyone go thru this thinking?
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    Palm OS did PIM the Best. Its been more then a year and WebOS doesn't even come close to the functionality of the Centro. I've been banging my head against the wall trying to get a workable system in place. I've used Palm for 10+ years, and it has really kept me organized. But, I went from my Treo 700p to a Windows Mobile device 3 year ago and then to the Pre. These last 3 years I've felt so disorganized and it's because i don't have a workable PIM system anymore. I really miss my Treo.

    Because Calendar, ToDo, Notes, and contacts are really important to you I suggest you don't make the switch yet to WebOS. There is an emulator for WebOS that you can bring your PIM information into called Classic, I use it more and more these days. But Classic it is very clunky, sometimes unstable, and it is like having two operating systems on the same computer but they cant talk with each other. (No syncing of contacts tasks, memos, or calendar between WebOS and Classic. And No copy Paste between Classic and WebOS) But Thank you Classic for doing a hell of a job at making PIM accessible again and please keep working on it.)

    My main problem with the Contacts app on WebOS is that they did away with the categories. I had all my contacts categorized by: friends, clients, relatives, work, school. That has been 1000+ contacts. in WebOS all the contacts are put into one category, you really have to search by people by name, as it takes forever to scroll through 1000 contacts. The calendar system on WebOS isn't that good either, It is extremely slow compared to PalmOS.

    Notes, and tasks work better now because Chaparral has created a standalone program for them that syncs with Palm Desktop or Outlook. I really wish they would create one for Contacts and Calendar.

    Another difference that I really miss between WebOS and PalmOS is the 4 hard buttons. These were linked to PIM Programs. Calendar, To-do, Notes, and Contacts. When I thought of a new task I could just press the To-do button and type my task. I was always one button away from capturing a contact, Task, Note, or Calendar entry. Plus by pressing the button again it would bring another view to the calendar Day, Week, Month, and Agenda. Or if pressing the contacts button it would cycle through the different categories of contacts. Or different Note categories.

    I'm patiently waiting for a true PIM app for WebOS that syncs with Exchange and outlook. Still WebOS is better than any other platform except PalmOS. And I am positive that Palm with soon get back to their roots and create better PIM.

    WebOs is getting better. I'm happy that HP is now onboard maybe this will bring the resources needed to develop these further. But, I will go with whatever Platform that works the best for PIM. I'm hopeful that a system that is seamless and easy to use is coming soon. I look forward to Getting Things Done.
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    CompanionLink does all 4, linking your phone to your Desktop (and vice versa). Calendar and Contacts use the phone's programs, but Tasks and ToDo's go into the CompanionLink program you load onto you phone.

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    Yes, but the built in Contact and Calender program suck!!!! CompanionLink and Chapura are a band-aid. We need more.
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    Thanks both Kenfitz and Daisys mom. I did read up before posting and thought I was missing something. I guess there was nothing there to miss as there is no real good 4 data source solution. I even looked on the blackberry site and came up empty (sort of glad about that). But my centro is not getting any signal where I work, I cracked out my old tre 650 and it got a better singal. I am even consiering getting a treo 680 from eBay just to give it a try. Not sure what to do. I also have a 10 history of cotacts and about 100 notes that I like to have for reverence, it would be hard to have them all without catigories. Thanks again for your replys.
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    CompanionLink does work for me. I have used Palm OS since 1998 and I'm in your boat with 3000+ contacts and mission critical calendarS. CL does work, but it and all other Pm Desktop sync solutions do as well.
    The Cal app on WebOS is actually pretty good and plenty fast on the Pre+. I overclock to 720mhz and it's Ultra fast. But, the Calendar is just different b/c itls based on synergy and no longer categories. My current solution has been to use Google CalendarS (Plural) as ''categories'' and bang, it works. Google allows muliple calendars with color options for each. WebOS synergy will pull them right into your Pre and you can designated the color of each calendar (category) and you acan keep them separate that way. And they sync to the cloud in a flash without a data cable, PC, or hotsync app.

    I'm not saying itls better,but I am running my business effectively with it this way. Google Calendar has similar robust options to Palm Desktop also, so it's working for me.

    Contacts on the other hand are being synced with Companoon Link at the moment. It's old school and mostly OK, but I'm Chained to a USB cable. The other wireless options require the crappy Palm Desktop 6 by Palmsource to function, so I avoided them. The old PalmOne 4.1.4 is more robust and stable.

    The contacts app is a different animal. No cats, but finding contacts by name or company is super quick. Treos and Centros could never hope to quickly find a contact deep in the ALL category of a big DB like ours. The Pre can and does, especially with th overclocking. But categories to scroll through are gone on the phone, whether you sync back to Desktop or not.

    WebOS is different no doubt. But I love my Pre more and more and appreciate the awesome work of homebrew devs and their patches etc, this lets you customize all PIM apps. Looking at the other platforms, it became evident that WebOS was closest to my 3.5 yr old Treo 680. Good luck.
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    The reality is there is no current solution in today's smart phones that matches up to the PalmOS solution, especially if you were using an addon like Agendus on both your desktop and Palm device.
    That said, I have found that Thunderbird, with Google Contacts, Lightening and Provider for Google Calendar add-ons provides a great alternative. With this combination, you can make entries in any of the three locations where the data will be stored (desktop, handheld and cloud), and the other locations will follow in not too long a time frame, depending on how your systems are set to synchronize.
    Undated tasks and memos are missing but I am thinking of a workaround using a special email account/folder for each.
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    I am still looking into this, I thought CompanionLink with Dejaoffice looked good. But the Todo does not have an alarm function. Thanks all. I wonder if WebOS2 will solve this. Someone should tell the smart phone makers that there are people who what to use their phones for something else other than games.
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    Hopefully Palm will add PIM database access to a future WebOS update so that software developers like Agendus can release their products for WebOS. That's really what's holding them back now.
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    Ok, I did the look at the rest of the market. I am going to get my Palm Pre tomorrow. Any advice for a first time setup in regards to PIM info? I am a yahoo user.
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    Three bits of advice: 1. patience. Lots of it.

    I was/am in your boat... LOTS of contacts (around 1K), l-o-n-g-t-i-m-e PalmOS user, deeply tied to the calendar (and Datebk).

    Got my Pre last November. The transition was at times rough. There's lots I still don't like about webOS ('universal' search my azz!), but on the flip side, there's lots to like about it.

    Next bit of advice: 2. Back up your Centro, and be sure your backup copy is solid.

    Last and maybe most important bit of advice: 3. This place is invaluable! Coupled with #1, you can be certain you can get any problem you encounter solved here.

    Good luck!

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    I found some notes here about TodoClassic and NotesClassic, the seemed liked best option to upload my day to day ToDo and Notes. But I don't like that they have a stand alone manual backup. Anybody use other apps or do you use the build in apps? I wonder which is search-able from the main search?
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    I share everyones frustration at Palm not using the DateBk PIM on the Pre. PIMLICO, the creators of DateBk have a program called PIMLICAL which seems the best bet to tie in the DateBk database with the Google calendar. ToDo's, contacts memos, are still lacking but at least you have your calendar merged into one spot. It is however desktop based. Try checking Pimlico Software home page for details.
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    For categories in contacts, i use the company field, and set my sorting by company. Not the best solution, since I do have contacts that do work at different companies that I would like to group together. If categories are really essential, super contacts might work for you, although when I tried it out I seem to remember that it didn't have an import feature, which would make it useless for you. Maybe I'm wrong or this has been fixed.

    I am still waiting for an app or patch that will finally make my smartphone smart. I would be so awesome to be able to have my calendar, tasks, todo, and contacts all synced together. The closest I have found is Outline Tracker (full). But at $20 it's not cheap. I tried the trial first, which is full featured. However you can only have 50 records. At which point I was hooked and had to upgrade. It syncs tasks, to do (with categories) and contacts, but only the name. Not a major problem thanks to the more than adequate universal search, but still a pain.

    What I like best about it is the way it allows me to group and organize my activities, goals, tasks and appointments, before during and after the fact. It's all branching, and I have yet to find and end to how deep I can add subsections to my groups. If only the syncing with contacts and calendar was dynamic and two-way, it would be perfect. So close.

    It would be greatly improved if the contact name was linked to the actual contact, the location linked to google maps (like it does in the normal location of standard cal entries). Events from OT appear purple in the pre calendar, but do not appear at all in in the desktop google calendar, and you have to manually open up OT to edit the calendar event. Despite all that it has become an essential app for me and I have no regrets on the price. It is the best solution I have yet found and does the most for making my phone "smarter" even if it is still slightly dumb.
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    I now own a webOS phone and here is my very likable solution.

    I am a yahoo user for many many years, webOS seem more google friendly than yahoo. But I am sticking with Yahoo.

    On any computer I open my web browser and log into yahoo tool bar, which I have tool bar icons for the following three programs which I feel replace the Palm OS Desktop nicely now. Any computer, icon in any browser, perfect and better than the old palm desktop.

    Tasks = Tooledo on PC and DONE! on Palm Pre, they sync! Backed up!
    Notes = Evernotes on both PC and Pre, they sync! Backed up!
    Calander = I had to make a google canander account, they sync! Backed up!
    Address books = I have this synced to Yahooo address

    Tooledo is cool with a firefox plug in on the pc, you can right click on any thing (text, web pages, anything) and send it to your pre Todo DONE! list. This is great and simple.

    Yahoo Address is odd, it is only one way (yahoo to phone) but acceptable, I make more entries on my pre, which is backed up by palm. And I really use my contacts on my phone. The one way synce from yahoo address to my phone is a way to get address from my pc to the phone and is ok. I use YPmobile to look up address and save them directly to my pre address book.

    hope this helps someone.

    anyone like to mention their likings I would love to hear your solution. Please reply.
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    You should be aware that Evernote doesn't actually "sync". The notes are kept on the server. If you're in airplane mode or somewhere that no data coverage access to your notes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaajaa40 View Post
    Tasks = Tooledo on PC and DONE! on Palm Pre, they sync! Backed up!
    Notes = Evernotes on both PC and Pre, they sync! Backed up!
    Calander = I had to make a google canander account, they sync! Backed up!
    Address books = I have this synced to Yahooo address
    How about Evernotes? It does not have categories... did you have categories before?

    I am using Echo from Chapurra to wirelessly sync Palm Desktop with Pre for all four PIMs.
    1. It synchs Palm Desktop's Calendar and Contacts with Pre's Calendar & Contacts. But I wasted a few hours "creating" categories, through Company Name. Categories still missed. Universal search does not replace it - it is something else.
    2. Echo syncs Notes and To Do - but not with Pre's software, but with its own little proprietary software. Its Notes is good, as I could keep my categories (although opens a tad bit slow). For ToDo I use Done! (with ToodleDo), and I like it quite a bit.

    But now I synch with two different sources, and use two different sets of software, non-integrated - where's the synergy in this?

    Anyway: Echo is a solution, but I am still in trial phase, so I am still thinking if I should or should not go Google. I don't like the idea of Google owning yet another piece of the virtual "me," however. They're everywhere already.

    I am curious of hearing of other options from you guys & gals. Knowing full well that the 4PIMs are still missed.
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    I just purchased a Palm Pre Plus, migrating from my Treo 650, and my plan was to utilize CompanionLink for Palm Desktop to continue to sync my info, especially categories for all of my Contacts, Calendar, Memos. (I have several thousand Contacts, hundreds of Memos, etc.) From the above, I get the sense that it is not working as well as advertised - is that correct?
    Thanks much,
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    Hello All!
    I've had this wonderful little Palm Pre Plus in my hands for 11 days... so happy to have found this thread... I look forward to more folks posting their solutions...

    I love this phone... but I'm still amazed webOS has severed all it's links to the venerable Palm Desktop... 15 years worth of calendars, contacts, memos & notes will continue to reside there and in my Centro for now it seems...

    I'm personally resistant to uploading all my private data to anyone's cloud... Google's Palm's or Yahoo's... but.. but... perhaps the time has come... as someone tweeted recently

    "where do you do your banking? Online? well that's the cloud... "
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    Here's what I do. I use Google Chrome and GMail in much the same way that I used to use the Palm Desktop. (I'm starting to notice that everyday GMail seems to become more and more like Outlook, I hope it doesn't start to suck as much as Outlook always has.) While it's painfully simple out of the box, with the right apps, particularly Homebrew apps and patches, webOS can become a very powerful PIM platform.

    The Pre can integrate Google Calendar (which can also be viewed and launched GMail via a rather nice gadget) directly into its own calendar quite nicely. The UberCalendar patch greatly enhances the usability of the webOS calendar to the point where it's roughly on a par with the PalmOS Calendar. UberCalendar for instance provides an icon for launching a separate Agenda app from inside the Calendar. And the Today Menu patch creates a new menu on the Pre's top bar which displays today's calendar events as well as events for the next six days without even opening the Calendar.

    The Pre can be set to sync to Google Contacts so it's easy to just use GMail's Contacts Manager as your desktop contacts editor. There is also a pretty nice Chrome extension which pops up the Contacts Manager in a separate window. Another feature that has turned out to be surprisingly useful is the ability to sync to Facebook. I only friend people whom I know in real life on Facebook so my Pre can actually pull their contact information and add it to its own contacts (you definitely don't want to sync your Pre to Facebook if you friend anybody and everybody). It can even link similar contacts so if you have a cousin named John Smith who is in your contacts list and you also friend him on Facebook, webOS is smart enough to realize that these two contacts belong to the same person and links them accordingly. (You can unlink them if you don't like this behavior.) For all of webOS's flaws, I think that contact handling is probably its best feature.

    Memos and ToDos are problematic since they don't sync to anything. The webOS Memos app is the Katy Perry of mobile apps, pretty but useless. ClassicNote is a nice Homebrew alternative. It doesn't sync but it's powerful and blows away the PalmOS Memos app in every other respect. If you must have something that syncs to the cloud there are two apps which I like. Evernote is a very powerful notetaking app which is available on many platforms but the webOS version is somewhat weak. Scratch Word is nice word processor which syncs to Google Docs.

    ToDos is probably the hardest app to transition from between PalmOS and webOS. The webOS Tasks app is actually pretty good (not as good as the PalmOS version however) but like Memos, it doesn't sync to anything. What I've done is essentially split Todos in two.

    I'm starting to get into GTD (Getting Things Done) where they actually discourage Todos so what I'm doing now is using Google Tasks to create nested Todo lists that take the form of long-term hierarchal plans which I can periodically review to keep track of my projects. (I don't know if you remember a PalmOS app called "Progect" but it's a little like that.) Google Tasks has actually gotten pretty good these days and it's built right into GMail so it's ideal for this purpose. Unfortunately while it's easy to bring up a nicely formatted mobile version of these task lists on the Pre's web browser, the ability to edit them is extremely limited.

    For day to day ToDos, particularly stuff that repeats on a regular schedule like bills, I use Remember the Milk which can also integrate into GMail via a Chrome extension. Cloud Tasks is a Homebrew app can be used to view and edit RTM tasks and actually works better for me than the actual RTM website.

    While it would be nice if Palm would turn the clock back and reach back to its roots to bake some decent PIM tools into webOS but the foundation is already there with Synergy and with webOS's open architecture. In the meantime we'll have to roll our own solutions, just like on every other modern mobile platform.
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