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    Please somebody develop a contact program that includes categories.
    I've used outlook for 10 years and in my contacts I've got lists of clients, friends, reletives, etc. and need a contact program that works the way outlook does. Organized the way PalmOs did. Synergy isn't working for me. Dumping all the contacts into one list is overwhelming. Is it that bringing all the sources together (google, Facebook, palmprofile) is too hard to implement under a category system?
    I asked chapura if they would make such an app and they said: currently they have no plans for a standalone contact app. I really appreciate the notes and task app they have now, and if it wasn't for them I would have left WebOS and went back to PalmOS. I'm happy to do a sync over wifi. Why hasn't one been created already? I've been using classic to get around it, but a native WebOs app would be best. Please Chapura or another developer bring back our PIM, Is anyone?

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    You looked into either SuperContacts or Pronto Dial ?
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    I'm hopeful that Chapura will put together replacement apps for both Contacts and Calendar, just as they did with their past products for the PalmOS. At this point the developers must be limited by the APIs available in webOS, otherwise I'm sure we'd already see them.
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    Supercontacts and Pronto Dial are basic without categories and doesn't work with exchange or outlook. The PalmOs emulator is the only way to do anything. MotionApps really has saved the day for me. Although it is supper buggy, I'm so thankful for it. it's like having my treo back. I have to have faith in palm. They used to manage my life better then any paper system could. Please palm get back to effective PIM. Develope these APIs. I've stuck with you, get back to your roots. Chapura Please. What would it take, who knows how to do it? Is anybody working on it? -Ken
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    As a temporary solution, maybe do what this guys wife did:
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    Using the Company field for categories isn't helpful, I've got over 2000 contacts. I want a program that works the way outlook does. It's the best PIM engine out there and i've been using it for 10+ years. Why have all the mobile platforms gotten away from PIM? Apple cant get it right, neither has blackberry or Android? I would think that it would be a priority for palm to work on this. They were the best for so long.

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