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    does anyone know how to remove google chat contacts, been trying to and just just keeps saying they cant be removed
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    i beleive you have to remove the google account from the messaging app first. this would mean that you cannot use google chat. I am almost positive but if you want to use the google chat in your messaging app, you need to have the google chat contacts in your contact app.
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    not trying to remove the messaging app, just trying to remove people from my contacts that are cross linked to gmail chat
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    you need to fire up gtalk on your desktop and remove the contacts
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    ahh, alright, thankies
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    umm i didnt say to remove the messaging app, i was trying to say you cannot remove google chat contacts from your contacts list unless you remove the google chat account from messaging all together.(since you stated it keeps saying "cant be removed"). the only other way not to have them in your contacts list on your phone is to remove them from your google account alltogether on your computer.

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