There are about 1 million lawyers in the United States = 80% or so are in solo or small firms - Amicus Attorney's target market. They have a great product and originally only supported PalmOS. Since 2007 only winmo or more recently RIM for their mobile version/service.

AA still supports basic (and most important) contact and calendar functions via exchange server sync via an Outlook conduit. However only RIM and WInMO have the mobile interface.

I will be switching our firm's users to winmo this December unless RIM has a compelling phone or webos gets supported.

For you developers: Most practices will use a specialized case management software - Outlook is just not correct for most legal mgt scenarios. AA has a significant share of that market and historically had alot of Palm users.

I was wondering is anyone working with them? Gavel and Gown a Canadian company makes the software.

PS This is a hi dollar ap - they charge $500 for the server piece and $150 for each user license of the mobile portion, much more for the underlying licences and sql driven database mgt.