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    I tried using Palms Data Transfer Assistant to move data from my Palm Desktop to my Palm Pre. The Calender and Contacts worked fine but I had over 1,000 memos and now the built in Palm Pre Memo (post it notes) is choking on al the memos I transferred. The memo app opens and then just sits there forever. it seems permanently crippled.

    Is there any way to put the Pre in USB mode and access the memo pad folder and delete its data?


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    How long have you let it sit there?

    Memos, along with a bunch of other stuff, are stored in a single file. No easy way to just delete the memos.
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    I let it sit there for over an hour and got nothing.

    I eventually rebooted my phone then after when I open the memopad app it takes about 5-6 seconds before the "post-its" appear on the screen then another 5-6 seconds before I can scroll though them.

    I wish there was a patch that would allow a "delete all" memos!
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    This was a big frustration for me also. I had hundreds of memos. It was one of my most used features on my Palm Handhelds. They really missed the boat with the jokey memo scheme.

    I installed Classic Note. It synched over my PalmOS memos in the same format I was used to. I am very happy that I can lock individual memos, and file memos in categories again.

    It took me hours and hours to hand delete all of those memos from webOS post-its. I did it 30 or 40 mins at a time while listening to podcasts on the train or bus. It was irritatingly slow.

    Come on 3M, sue Palm for infringing on the Post It note look. Maybe that will force them to switch us back to something functional.

    webOS Memos is Palm's version of Microsoft Bob.

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