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    I searched the forums but didn't find an answer to this...

    I want to export my Palm Desktop Memos to Google Docs and then access them on my Palm Pre with "Notes" from Inglorious Apps. Here is my problem...

    I have over a thousand memos, I have exported my memos as both "txt" and "csv" files but either way when I import it into Google Docs I only get one large file. Is there any way to get individual files for each individual memo without having to export them all one by one??

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    The solution is to download A program called CompanionLink for Google. Download the PalmDesktop version for a free trial period. It will sync your memos to a gmail contacts account. From there, you can access the notes online or probably export them to Google Docs or whatever.

    I use CompanionLink to sync my contacts, calendar and memos to Google. You don't need to do all three though and you could just do a one shot deal to transfer the memos to a gmail account created just for this purpose.

    Hope this helps.
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    Hmmm....I tried exporting the memos from Google Contacts into Google Docs and it did not really work. Google Docs interprets the file as a spreadsheet rather than as a document as was your problem originally when exporting from Palm Desktop directly. Not sure if there is any way to extract the contents of a spreadsheet into separate word documents so that you could then import them into Google Docs and sync with Notes.

    Unless you are content to have your memos available for viewing from an online gmail account (which is actually not bad), the solution I offered is not much of a solution, I'm afraid. Looks like you are going to have to cut and paste the memos one-by-one unless there is someone who knows of an extraction tool to convert individual entries in an excel spreadsheet into separate documents.
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    I have this very same issue. I have yet to find a workable solution

    I even sent a support email to Motoin Apps who confirmed there is no easy way to accomplish this.

    I have not attempted the google thing, but it seems a rather clunky work around to JUST get simple text notes **sigh**
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    It just seems that if Palm is pushing "the Cloud" they would help transition peoples Palm Desktop memos to a suitable cloud-based solution like Google Docs.

    All I want is a simple solution to keep plain text notes on my Palm and sync them to something I could access anywhere.
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    Try Evernote. There is a utility which imports Palm Desktop Memos INDIVIDUALLY, with catergories intack, into Evernote.

    Checkout the following website:

    Palm Desktop memo importer for Evernote

    I have not tried it yet, but it looks promising. You would then use the webOS app Evernote to access your memos.

    In case the website above is stripped, do a Google search for "Palm Desktop Memo Importer for Evernote"

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikePalmPrePlus View Post
    Try Evernote. There is a utility which imports Palm Desktop Memos INDIVIDUALLY, with catergories intack, into Evernote.
    I appreciate that there is an importer for Palm Desktop Memos but I tried Evernote and it was just way to slow and clunky on the Palm side. The desktop version works pretty well but I thought Evernote was really slow and cumbersome on my PrePlus (even overclocked!).

    I found a new online service called SimpleNote ( that works great. Its simple, straightforward, and FAST. Tiger Country Software has created a WebOS app called Noted! that syncs with SimpleNote. Its seamless and fast BUT it doesn't have a Palm Desktop importer so I have been pasting documents in 1 at a time. It helps that SimpleNote is fast but it sure would be nice to import the whole bunch of Palm Desktop Memos in one operation.

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    Just an update... if you do use Noted! on your Pre, and Simplenote in the Cloud then you should try ResophNotes ( Its a Windows program that CAN import CSV files from Palm Desktop and Resoph will upload the imported notes to Simplenote... so voila! you get your Palm Dekstop memos uploaded to the Cloud and back down to your Pre! SWEEEET!!!


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