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    I recently had a computer stolen and had synced some videos through iTunes with my Pre. I no longer have that computer and I want to get those videos off of the hidden partition and back on to my computer. ITunes only allow sync in one freaking direction - computer to phone. Please let me know how to get videos and music off of my hidden iTunes partition and I promise to never use iTunes to sync again...
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    I have never synced with iTunes, but check the DCIM/100Palm folder on the USB partition.
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    Thanks, but these aren't videos and audio that I made with my phone. The DCIM folder is a camera standard that stores all of the Pre's photos and videos. I need to get to the hidden folder that iTunes syncs with. It doesn't even show up in USB mode, I don't think...
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    Sorry I couldn't help
    They have to be somewhere on the USB partition though. You have display of hidden folders enabled?
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    Copying music from ipod to computer

    There's a link to some software you can try...hopefully they will work with a Pre and with videos....

    That fails, you should be able to get them from the .iPod_control folder, but it will be in that crazy iPod file structure...however, since you are looking for video files, it should be easy to tell the .mp4's from the .mp3's.
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