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    i have a school email account how can i add this to the phone? I think i need to do a manual setup, but i dont quite understand pop or imap. Can some one help me?
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    How do you access your school email now? Is it an exchange, pop, imap?
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    go to email drop down box,go to prefs,then hit add account.
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    well currently I just use my computer and log into the school or I use the mobile version of the schools web page and look at it using the phone.
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    Try the standard method and see if it works: 1. Open email icon 2. Tap top left for drop down and click on Preference & Accts 3. Scroll to bottom and add an account and follow directions. If it adds, great, if not, then I think you need to speak with the IT folks at your school since its probably an exchange server and they should be able to provide the info needed for a secure server.
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    What is the name of the school you attend? What state is it in? What is the URL of the web mail page? I bet we can give you specific help with the answers to these three questions.
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    new jersey
    middlesex county college
    main page-
    page i use to log into my account-
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    Just looked around your website and I can't find what type of setup you have. I would email your college's tech support and ask them for the mobile access or outlook setup. Once you get the type of server your college is using it should be able to be done.
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    Looks like your School uses CampusCruiser for your e-mail. It's a learning management system for smaller Universities that combines e-mail, bulletin board, class scheduling and other tools in a all in one web solution.

    It will be using IMAP and/or POP I'm sure but you will need the particulars from your campus IT staff as I also couldn't find that info on the website. Good luck.
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