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    For almost the past year I have been syncing with my EAS Exchange account without incident. Recently, in the past couple weeks my Pre will only sync with my EAS account if I am logged into my exchange account with MS Outlook on a PC. Has anyone else experienced this? Any one have an idea of if this is a Palm device issue or an Exchange Server issue? Any input would be much appreciated.
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    I am actually seeing a delay of some sorts. I am not getting EAS emails until 6-8 hours after they are sent. This doesn't appear to have any connection to my PC being on. Manual syncs dont work and even after uninstalling and reinstalling the account (time consuming) the issue reappears.
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    I as well have tried removing and adding the account back in.... It works for a little while but just goes back to the same issues. Without fail though every day as soon as I open my Outlook client on my PC my Pre starts syncing...

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