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    I used iTunes (mac) syncing my music and like the idea that it optimizes the photos so that it does not occupy too much space i my pre.

    I am now using a netbook with windows 7 premium. Is there a program that syncs music (like media monkey but it does not do pix) and optimizes photos?

    I would install an old version of itunes but, i think i like the idea of seeing the music files in the USB partition that is not "itunes encoded".
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    Doubletwist is an option (as so eloquently stated above)... another option would be to try the new version of Songbird which now supports Windows 7.
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    I would like to sync my itunes library from windows vista to my Pre.... any help appreciated!
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    Try HP's HP Play program. It will import your iTunes libraries, and dump them to any portable device.
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    Before I turned to Spotify for music, I used Sony Media Go since I have a few PSPs. You can sync music (but not playlists) how you want and optomize photo resolutions.

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