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    Ok i have a problem. I dr. my phone and got everything restored, i reinstalled the certificates but it won't come up as trusted anymore. nothing changed. Any suggestions on what i can do??
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    I just started getting SSL Certificate errors for gmail and my exchange server. Anyone else seeing this? Very strange that both Cert would expire at the same time. Seems like a Pre+ problem.

    EDIT: And just as mysteriously the problem came, it went away. With no real changes on my part other then a restart, I am getting email again from gmail and exchange.
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    If your connected to a public hotspot that requires you to authenticate (usually just accepting the User Policy for the free ones) through some sort of web-portal. For example: wayport, sbux, or mcdonalds, then its possible that is whats causing both to go at the same time.

    I assumed it would also happen if you are connected to a malfunctioning hotspot as well. If I disable wifi, or connect to a normal (home) hotspot it works fine again.

    Hope this helps.
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    FIXED! appears it was a Yahoo issue with an SSL cert, not Sprint or Palm
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    Hi guys,
    I'm also having this issue, but with my university's SMTP server, which means i can't send e-mails!
    Is there a way to force the pre to accept the certificate? (I trust it after all!)

    Strangely, I'm having this issue after upgrading to a pre 3, all of these settings worked on my old pre + and it was happy to trust the certificate...

    Thanks for any help!
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    I have exactly the same prob. SSL certificate for IMAP and smtp is not accepted by pre3 while working on pre- support say this special IMAP server is incompatible, but come on IMAP is a standard how can a standard protocol not be compatible? So far I forward the mails to google but this doesn't work for sending mails. Hope anyone have a suggest.

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