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    Has anybody installed the new (3.0) release of Chapura PocketMirror? Looks like the main difference between 2.x (last) and this new one is that it supports integration with MS Exchange 'public folders' & shared calendars.

    The URL Chapura gave me (outlining this new feature) is: Palm Pre Outlook Sync Solution - PocketMirror Standard by Chapura

    The more I think of this, the odder this update seems. Reason-being:
    -Most Exchange users use ActiveSync and wouldn't want/care about Chapura
    -Public Folders are an 'Exchange' thing.

    Having said that: I AM an Exchange user without ActiveSync who has PublicFolders.

    I was curious to know if I'll be the first to try this beast or if someone else has already.
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    Are existing users eligible for the new version?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Workerb33 View Post
    Are existing users eligible for the new version?
    yes there are. Also interested to know what's in the update?
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    For what it's worth, I wrote Chapura an eMail and they did the following:
    a) Provided the link in the initial post
    b) Confirmed it was the primary update.

    Re-thinking my original post, I'm guessing they are trying to help where Exchange ActiveSync might be deficient (ie: shared calendars).

    Here's the Chapura reply:

    "We don't have a page for release notes. We do have a page outlining the folder addition option:"


    "Yes, [the URL listed above] is the main feature of the update."
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    Looks like the new version of the SyncManager now has the option to force Desktop to Overwrite Handheld for each: Contacts, Calendar, Task and Notes.
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    I've been waiting for this since I got m Pre last June. I work for a company that has a public folder in Outlook that holds our company-wide contact database. Until now, I had to manually sync Outlook to Google (with a third-party software), then Google to my Pre.

    With this update, everytime I walk into the office, the public contact database will automatically update.

    Does anybody know, since I already sync my Outlook calendar & Contacts folders with my pre via the exchange account, do I have the option to only sync a public folder? ie: Does Chapura allow me to choose which items/folders I want to sync and which folders I don't want to?
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    I have just installed the 3.0 update -- for what it's worth, it appears to allow you to pick & choose from items in your Outlook folder list. So: yes.

    Unfortunately, I seem to be having problems with the public folder sync component -- I'll be sending Chapura a support note to sort out the issue shortly.
    Update: Chapura assisted same-day. If anybody gets the same issue (it syncs until you try to update the forlder settings), let me know.

    From what I have seen: I recommend the 3.x upgrade.
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    So, this is a full point upgrade which also required installing the latest desktop component...but what justifies the the full point???

    FWIW, the upgrade seems to work flawlessly and I too recommend it. Just wish I knew what exactly is under the hood.

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    Skysurfer -It's the folders man, the folders. You can now sync with public folders which is a VERY BIG deal to those of us who have shared contacts and calendars.

    Thank you Chapura for the update. Keep the great features coming.
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    Any idea why Chapura wouldn't make an auto-sync option? I would love to be able to set my phone to automatically sync at 9am every week day (or whatever time I choose). That way, I never have to remember to sync my phone, which is a big reason why I love the Pre so much compared to my old Treo.

    If I'm out of the office or my computer isn't on, the sync doesn't happen and will just try again the next day. I am using the 7 day trial version now and would gladly pay the $40 if there was an auto-sync. Without it, I'm not sure what I am going to do.

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