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    I haven't been receiving any incoming Gmail notifications since Saturday. So, I tried changing my e-mail retrieval from "every 30 minutes" to "as items arrive" and tested the phone by sending myself e-mails. Still nothing.
    I've also rebooted the phone, and even shut down the phone, pulled the battery for a minute and then restarted. Still nothing.
    So, is this likely an issue with the Bell network, with Google's PUSH e-mail system, or with my phone?

    Any opinions or suggestions would be welcomed. TIA.
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    Just checked mine (on Bell as well) and it worked perfect. Got my email notification within 5 seconds of sending it. Phone is set to "as items arrive"
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    I'm on Bell and everything has been working just fine with GMail.
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    I discovered my phone was not synchronizing with my Gmail account at all. So it hasn't been getting notifications of incoming mail because it won't connect to the account either on a timed interval or manually. The little circular arrows which indicate that it is syncing just kept going around and around and around...endlessly...with no time-out...for like 10 minutes or longer.
    So, I tried deleting my Gmail account from my phone and then setting it up again. That took forever to synchronize but it eventually did. But now I can not get it to sync again manually. So I'm back to square-one! What's going on??
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    Working fine here.

    Have you tried doing a Luna Restart (Option+Sym+R)?
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    I just tried sending a test e-mail to my work account (not Gmail) and received an e-mail notification on my phone, as usual. So, that e-mail account is syncing and working OK. It seems it's only Gmail that is screwed up. Trust Google to mess things up!
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    I am on Sprint and have noticed in the past few days that my email notifications no longer work on my Google Apps account. Haven't figured it out yet. Will let you know if I find a solution.

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