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    apologies if this is the wrong forum

    here's what i'd like to do:
    continue using my palm TX and desktop 4.2 at home and in office
    use goosync to sync contacts/calendar from TX to google
    then from goo to new palm pre-

    can i use goosync with two mobile devices?
    if not can i just do a 1 way overwrite to the pre 1x a month or so
    (this is what i currently do with my centro and palm desktop)

    any better way to do this without goosync
    especially one that allows me to sync voluminous memos


    -bill w
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    For your pre, I would just add your google account to sync with your phone. Once you enter your account information (username and password) it will sync your calender and contacts automatically. No need to connect your pre to your computer ever. Do whatever you normally do with your other devices. Everything should be synced up.
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    I agree with the above, especially if you are just talking calendar contacts et al. Not fancy things like documents.
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    don't have a google account yet
    is there a better way to go from TX to pre than outlook or desktop 6.2?
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    have youu looked in to Pocket Mirror or CompanionLink?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    have youu looked in to Pocket Mirror or CompanionLink?
    companion link looks pretty good

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