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    I have heard that HTC's SenseUI has Facebook integration, but is it as good as the Pre's? Does anybody know if it imports all of your 'friends' and their email addresses, pictures, and numbers?

    I am on my 6th Pre, and might want to switch to the Hero or the Evo.
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    Does import the information like the pre and links it all together. The only problem, it's not as 'noticable' as the pre. But it's alright. I had the evo for a week. Returned it for the restarting issue. Other than that, I loved it. The contact id though is the facebook picture if it's linked and you can't really change it at least I didn't know how to. And when you call someone, the contact Id was crap. It was a small square compared to how the contact id on the pre is. Haha

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