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    OK for some reason Synergy is automagically linking Landlines to SMS (hence the Icon to the right of each). Sometimes I DO send SMS to landline and pay the 25cent fee, but if someone with a work phone number in my contacts emails me (their email address to my phone number (e.g. Synergy gets confused and defaults to replying to one of said work landlines instead of the email address from whence the message was sent. This did not use to happen... Ugh, help....
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    if you are familiar with patches and/or willing to patch your phone there are 2 patches that will help you out. One being the patch that will only show the sms icon next to a mobile tagged number nothing else. Second being a patch that allows you to send sms to an email address. So when replying back the phone doesn't automatically send it to the number on file. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks, I tried patching once upon a time. The thing is, email to SMS has always worked, well until the 1.4 patch...I feel as if I am playing an online game again, where they UNpatch things instead of fixing them, :-S Thank you very much.

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