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    I am a recent Pre Plus owner on Verizon. Very happy in the first 20 days and bought it for the free Hotspot service.

    My complaints are few and include intermitten double or no keyboard input when typing (I can't tell if this is a unit issue, or a Pre issue), and the GPS issue (I even called and asked them to credit the VZ Nav fee until fixed and they said NO. They blamed the issue on Palm).

    Besides those two items, I think that there are plenty of critical apps to keep me happy and do most of what I could imagine doing on a phone).

    Now my comments on synching. I have used Outlook 2007 for a long time and that is the basis for most of my info. I did not want to pay for synching. My solution is a bit 'kludgy' but is free and seems to work.

    Calendar - Google Calendar Sync. Added benefit of using Google Calendar at work and sharing with my spouse.

    Contacts - This has been the biggest issue. Yahoo! Sync (they have multiple products). Works well. I also use Synergy to bring in any additional Linked In and Facebook info though that does not sync back to Outlook. (Note that Yahoo! Sync has a greyed out menu option to choose Calendar or Contacts only. Because I can not choose contacts only my Outlook Calendar is also being sucked up to Yahoo, but I do not include it on my Pre).

    eMail - I actually use Thunderbird but Outlook solution would work the same way. eMail service provider is which is rebranded Yahoo email so I am using native Synergy to keep things in check (I have multiple emails on Yahoo, Gmail, Live, but my primary is Yahoo!). No special settings or Sync software needed.

    I am still looking for a good solution for Tasks and Notes.

    I would love to have some feedback on this, ways to possibly simplify, As well as hearing what other people are doing.
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    Myself I am using gmail as a central collection box, and then using Companion Link Pro to sync Outlook to Google both ways and then google to sync to my device (I forsee google always being a sync option with phones, so this seemed to make sense) Whenever I have an issue and have to doctor or swap my device... its easy, Just back up my usb partition, save my backup from save/restore and save a copy of the palm.db3 file from the device and I am set to roll.
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    I use Pocket Mirror to sync all 4 items. I don't sync anything to the cloud...

    Here is a thread with some lively discussion about the pros and cons of syncing to the cloud and the perspective from those of us that don't...

    My view is that no company should knowingly let their employees sync company-confidential info to a cloud service that will index and retain that data... I wouldn't feel that way about a user such as my wife that isn't syncing corporate data... but for those of us connecting to a business infrastructure, that's different IMHO.

    Here is a thread for those wanting to sync to Outlook and eschew the cloud services for Outlook data.

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