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    PreZulu - the short answer is no, there is no comparable Search/Find from PalmOS. Many lament the loss of a more robust 'Find' function.

    There are some tweaks/tips you can use to your advantage to help make Universal Search more universal though. Search (sic) the forums and you'll find plenty.
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    currently you can start typing within the email app and it will search your email.

    webOS 2.x is supposed to automatically search everything as PalmOS did, but even better.
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    Thanks a lot for the answers!

    This is what I found out, after I wrote my Post - for anyone that uses/wants to use CompanionLink: If you start typing in that MemoApp of Com.Link, it does a Search in all the Memos, and refines the Search while u r typing, which is quite useful - but nowhere near the PalmOS universal Search!

    Another big Problem for me are the BIG Fonts in the MemoApp of CompanionLink! Not possible to work effectively with your Memos with such huge fonts and so little Info on the Screen!
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    Hi, this has been useful.
    I have what should be a simple problem. My wife and I have both been Palm users since 2001. We both now have touchpads and she has a Palm Centro (still!). She still syncs to the Palm OS 4.? on her desktop. I have long since transferred my data to Outlook and use an android phone. She wants to get a pre3 (still available) but absolutely needs the Calendar/Contacts which run her life. What is the best way of doing this? Can we sync the old phone with Outlook and then sync the pre3 and touchpad to Outlook? This way we use Outlook on the desktop and something (??) on the phone. Any and all ideas please.
    Many thanks
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    I suggest checking out this free program. I recently used it to convert all my old palm desktop calendar data from 10+ years and successfully imported it into google calendar. Palm2CSV - Convert your Palm Datebook (Calendar) or To Do to CSV or iCal format to import into Google Calendar, Yahoo, Outlook, or iCalendar I don't use outlook but it claims to be able to import the data into outlook too. I just did this last month, the instructions on the site were very good and the owner is very responsive if you have any questions too.

    Perhaps beyond the scope of your original question , I also suggest making the plunge and switching to google calendar and mail for excellent syncing with the pre3 and touchpad, I have both and they work great. While you may not want to use gmail as your email client it's a great way to get your contacts from the palm desktop and then available on your new devices, then the addresses are available regardless which email client you want to use.

    Best of luck and enjoy that Pre3.
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    Dear Iware 14,

    Many thanks for this, you may have just solved all my problems!
    I will give it a go.

    Jim (jambutti)
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    Dear Iware 14,

    Done everything you suggested - and it all worked perfectly!!

    Many many thanks

    And together with editing the csv files in excel, I was able to keep all the Palm categories.
    Lots of editing work in Excel, but it did the job. (3 csv files and 8 categories = 24 uploads in total).

    The import into Google calendar was faultless as well.

    The Palm2CSV website should be shouted about from the rooftops.

    Thank you again.

    Jim (jambutti).
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    Okay, I realize I'm coming to this point very late in the game, but......I have been using Palm PDA's since they first came out and have always used only HotSync as a backup for contacts, calendar, memos etc. I've never used Outlook or any other program for all of that. When I got my Palm Pre Plus several years ago, I used the DTA to bring everything into my phone, and it worked great. Everything is exactly as it should be in the phone, and when a few of the Pres died, the new one logged into my Palm Profile and everything came back. Now I'm worried that the backup servers at HP will just go away one day, and there goes my data. I'm reading that Chapura's Pocket Mirror will sync with Outlook, but it sounds like it will have Outlook overwrite the phone. Since I have nothing in Outlook, that sounds bad. I don't like the idea of using Google, and Outlook seems like the best replacement program for Palm Desktop. Can Pocket Mirror bring my Pre data into an empty Outlook program?
    Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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