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    I deleted my "Education and Work Information" from my Facebook profile (using my laptop's web browser), but in the Facebook app on my Pre that information still shows up. How do I get rid of it?

    I've tried deleting the Facebook app from the Pre and reinstalling. I've also tried blocking the app from within Facebook (in my laptop's browser) but, when I re-entered my login credentials (on the Pre) my Education and Work Information was still there. Any ideas?

    I'm guessing that this information may be stored in my Palm Profile and that is where it is being restored from. Is there a way to flush or overwrite this data within my Palm Profile? I also suspect that this data may be coming from Facebook itself… I read somewhere that this type of information never really gets deleted from Facebook, only removed from view.
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    It does get erase... go to your palm profile and where you sign in an all your accounts delete the face book account. It was a pain for me also. Go to contacts then preferences and accounts,and you will be right there.
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    Your instructions were easy to follow and that's what I did... Still, my problem persists. My unwanted education and work information is still there (in the webos facebook app).

    Actually, I had forgotten that I had long ago deleted my facebook account in Contacts>Preferences & Accounts. But I added it back, synchronized, then deleted it again.

    Then, I deleted the app (again). Performed a manual OTA backup. Rebooted. Reinstalled the app. And the unwanted information was STILL THERE!

    I give up!

    Update: I brought my iPhone out of mothballs to check out this problem. The unwanted data still shows up in the Facebook app on that platform too! This leads me to believe that it is still stored on the FB servers and is being retrieved/restored from there.
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