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    I downloaded the trial version of Companionlink so that I could try to sync my Groupwise calendar with my Google calender then to my Pre. So far I have only been able to accomplish a one way sync, Groupwise to Google then Google with my phone. My phone calendar goes to Google just fine and Google to my phone is good. But getting anything from my Google calendar to my GW calendar is not happening. No error messages, just no results. I have my settings to sync both ways, so that isn't the problem.

    I know I can accomplish the current result for free by sending my GW appts to Google, but I would really like the advertised bi-directionality and will buy the product if I can get it to work.

    Has anyone else had this issue?
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    why did you insert Google in the middle of that? I though you could just sync directly from your phone to your PC. I do that with outlook. What was the benefit of google?
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    You are my hero. Thanks!
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    I won a copy of it. I set it up just to see what it was like. It really didn't cover my needs but the tech support was amazing I thought. Try giving them a call.
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    My option with Novelle groupwise is to either sync via a data cable with CompanionLink or through google without a cable.
    I work in several locations and would rather avoid carrying a data cable around with me . Syncing via google gives me the option of going "wireless" in a manner of speaking. Or should if I can get it to work.
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