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    I've added a yahoo account to my contacts. When I update a yahoo contact on my pre it does not update on yahoo. If I make a change in yahoo mail on my PC and sync it shows up on my phone.

    so I only have 1 way sync. Is it possible to do a 2 way sync with yahoo? I've been reading I need to change my default account to yahoo. but when I click on default account it doesn't give me no option to change it??

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    come on guys no one has experienced this same issue?
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    I think you can only do a one way sync through yahoo. Has to do with yahoo, not palm.

    that's why I switched to google contacts (which is the only reason I use google on my pre).

    if you search the boards this is a well known problem but there are alternative solutions similar to mine.

    just as an fyi, people have suggested that yahoo contacts on the pre drains battery. Don't know why.
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    thanks, I've also found this on palms knowledge base:

    Note If you sync Contacts with a Google online account, your phone syncs with your My Contacts list on If you sync Contacts with a Facebook, LinkedIn, or Yahoo! online account, you can view your contacts on your phone in the Contacts application, but you cannot add contacts to these online accounts from your phone. Similarly, if you change existing contacts in these accounts on your phone, the changes are not reflected in Facebook, LinkedIn, or Yahoo! on the web. Instead, your phone captures changes to your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Yahoo! contacts by creating a new contact in your default Contacts account (that includes your changes) and then linking the new contact to the original Facebook, LinkedIn, or Yahoo! contact.

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