I searched and did not see this particular problem. Would really appreciate some help.

Used CompanionLink to sync GroupWise calendar to Google. Worked fine.

Google profile (calendar and contacts) then synced to Pre Plus - no problem. Then, some time later (maybe a few hours), all of my calendar entries on the Pre were duplicated. No duplicates exist in the Google Calendar or GroupWise, however.

Then a few days later, GroupWise and CompanionLink stopped syncing. I think this is a separate issue. They still are not syncing.

Today, I changed the times on a few future events in Google Calendar. Then, those items appeared on the Pre at both the old time and the time I changed them to.

Also today, I added a test event to the Google Calendar. It synced to the Pre no problem (no duplicate).

I only use the Google calendar (no Facebook, Yahoo, etc.). My Pre is "stock" other than some apps from the official app catalog.

Any ideas about the duplicates? I am working with CompanionLink on the GroupWise issue.